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IEC 61854-2020 pdf free download

IEC 61854-2020 pdf free download.Overhead lines — Requirements and tests for spacers Lignes aériennes — Exigences et essais applicables aux entretoises.
Second, a permanent load test shall be performed.
At least 10 unused conical spring washers shall be installed with alternating orientation on a bolt used in the spacer damper under test or if necessary on a longer bolt of the same type. The bolt shall be tightened 10 % above the specified installation torque of the spacer.
The conical spring washers shall be separated from one another by a plain washer with a hardness of at least 300 HV, as shown in Figure 4.
The test arrangement shall then be stored at a constant temperature of at least -20 °C (±2 °C) for 24 h.
After the test assembly has warmed up to ambient temperature and visually inspected, it will be dismantled.
The spring force test at room temperature shall be repeated after the storage at low temperature on 3 conical spring washers and the results compared with the initial recorded reaction force of the washers.
• Acceptance criteria:
No cracks shall occur during the low temperature test period.
The reaction force of the washers, after storage at low temperature, shall be at least 90 % of the reaction force initially recorded at the same deflection. Clamp bolt tightening test
The test shall be performed by installing the clamp on a piece of the actual conductor. In case not available, an equivalent conductor or a tube of same diameter can be used. The bolts or nuts shall be tightened to a torque 10 % above the specified installation torque with a calibrated torque wrench. Clamps with breakaway bolts or breakaway caps shall have the breakaway portion of the head removed prior to the test and shall be tightened 10 % above the specified installation torque.
• Acceptance criteria
The threaded connection shall remain serviceable (by hand) for 3 subsequent installations and removals and all components of the clamp shall be without any mechanical deformation or cracks. No plastic deformation shall occur to the conductor inside the clamp.
Lastly, the torque shall be increased to either twice the specified installation value or the maximum torque value recommended by the bolt supplier, whichever is lower. This increase shall not result in any breakage of threaded parts or other components of the clamp or any cracks. The bolt(s) shall be able to be removed from the spacer without any failure.
Plastic deformation is permitted.
7.5.3 Simulated short-circuit current test and compression and tension tests General
The purpose of these tests is to ensure that the spacers will be able to withstand, without failure or permanent deformation, the compressive and tensile load which may occur in service.
The purchaser shall specify or agree to one of the following tests, or any combination of tests.IEC 61854-2020 pdf free download.

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