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IEC 62003-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62003-2020 pdf free download.Nuclear power plants — Instrumention, control and electrical power systems — Requirements for electromagnetic compatibility testing
Centrales nucléaires de puissance — Systèmes d’instrumentation, de contrOlecommande et d’alimentation électrique — Exigences relatives aux essais de compatibilite electromagnetique.
7.1 General
Nuclear l&C and electrical equipment important to the safety of a nuclear plant shall satisfy the requirements for immunity to electromagnetic interference documented in Table 1 of this document. If an item is deemed to be inappropriate for the EUT, exemption shall be justified by consideration of operating conditions or other relevant factors and documented in the EMC test plan. The degrees of test severity and acceptance criteria that are established for nuclear l&C and electrical equipment emissions and immunity testing shall be documented in the EMC test plan and test report.
Immunity levels for nuclear l&C and electrical equipment have been established in accordance with Table 2 through Table 5 for a typical installation in a nuclear facility. For each item of nuclear l&C and electrical equipment, if one or more of the immunity levels from Table 2 through Table 5 are determined to be inadequate (too restrictive or non-conservative) for the different disturbance types in Table I then the individual test level(s) can be established and properly documented in the EMC test plan based on the severity of the electromagnetic environment (using guidance from Annex B) where the system will be installed or the category of function performed by the system to be installed (based upon IEC 61226). Electromagnetic environments are classified in accordance with the qualitative parameters in informative Annex B and Annex C. Country-specific clauses may require the application of higher or lower immunity levels.
The functional quality criteria for nuclear l&C and electrical equipment belonging to safety systems (items) or systems (items) important to safety shall meet criterion A, as defined in Annex A, except if it is justified that transitory degradation of performance does not affect the safety function. The justification shall be documented in the EMC test plan. Other systems shall meet a functional quality criterion based on the application or country specific practices.
The acceptance criteria for the system performance. power and signal 110 deviations, and other characteristics shall be specified in the EMC test plan. The acceptance criteria should take into account the intended application of the equipment and its potential impact on nuclear power plant safety.IEC 62003-2020 pdf free download.

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