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IEC 62020-2003 pdf free download

IEC 62020-2003 pdf free download.Petit appareillage électrique — Contrôleurs d’isolement a courant différentiel résiduel (RCM) pour usages domestiques et analogues
Electrical accessories — Residual current monitors for household and similar uses (RCMs).
Where RCMs are fitted with an internal current transformer (CT), but have the capability of selecting an optional external CT, all relevant tests shall be carried out using the internal CT. The proper function of the external CT shall, however, be confirmed by testing it once according to 9.9.4.
8.1.2 Features
The RCM shall be provided with a visual ‘Power on indicator which shall neither be red, yellow
nor blue.
The RCM shall be provided with means for indicating a fault condition when the residual current exceeds the preset operating value, the primary indicating means being visual. The visual indicating means shall be an integral part of the RCM and shall be easily discernible from the front of the RCM when installed as for normal use. This visual indicating means shall not be coloured green. It shall not be possible to override the visual alarm whilst the fault is present.
NOTE A visual alarm may also be part of a remote alarm unit, where it shall be clearly visible when installed.
Where an audible alarm is provided in addition, the audible signal shall be easily perceptible by persons with normal hearing and may have adjustable sound level. It is permissible to switch off the audible alarm whilst the fault is present.
The audible alarm, if any, shall be automatically self-resetting on removal of the fault. In the event of a subsequent fault following removal of the first fault, the audible alarm shall be reactivated.
RCMs may be fitted with a resetting means to manually reset the RCM to the non-alarm state after removal of the fault. RCMs not fitted with a resetting means shall reset automatically after removal of the fault.
Where means are provided for adjustment of the residual operating current or of the delay time, such adjustment shall only be possible by the use of a tool.IEC 62020-2003 pdf free download.

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