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IEC 62321-10-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62321-10-2020 pdf free download.Determination of certain substances in electrotechnical products — Part 10: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in polymers and electronics by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
Determination de certaines substances dans les produits électrotechniques — Partie 10: Hydrocarbures aromatiques polycycliques (HAP) dans les polyméres et les produits électroniques par chromatographie en phase gazeusespectrométrie de masse (GC MS).
through the entire test procedure, including extraction. A minimum of six replicates and analyte concentrations of three to five times the estimated LCD or MDL shall be performed for this analysis. The complete LCD or MDL for an entire test procedure is determined by multiplying the standard deviation of the replicates by an appropriate factor. IUPAC recommends a factor of three for a minimum of six replicates, whilst US EPA utilizes a one-sided confidence interval with the multiplier equal to Student’s i value chosen for the number of replicates and the level of confidence (e.g. r = 3,36 for six replicates for 99 % confidence).
a) Mill approximately 0,5 g of suitable polymer from a pure source known not to contain PAH5 or other compounds that may interfere with the analysis.
b) Weigh out 100 mg of the milled polymer and place it in a new extraction tool. Repeat this step six more times.
c) Place the extraction thimble in the Soxhlet extraction or ultrasonic apparatus.
d) Spike the thimble with 0,1 ml of each PAH (1 g/ml) (8.4.3 k)) and 10 p1 surrogate standard (50 g/ml) (8.4.5 d)) stock solution approximating the concentration of the lowest concentration calibrant.
e) Use the procedure (extraction according to 8.2.1 or 8.2.2) to extract each of the samples. Analyse accordingly.
The percent recovery of each congener shall be between 70 % and 130 %. If the recovery is above or below these limits, the analysis shall be repeated. If the recovery is outside of these limits a second time, the entire extraction and analysis procedure shall be repeated.
Each congener shall have a calculated LOQ of less than 0,2 mg/kg. If the calculated LCQ for any of the congeners is above these limits, the procedure, extraction and analysis shall be repeated for thatlthose congener(s).
The limits of quantification (LCQ) for each congener shall be, at a minimum, three times the respective LCD or MDL. Unlike the LCD or MDL, which relates to detection only, the limit of quantification (LCQ) is a concentration that can be accurately quantified for a given compound.IEC 62321-10-2020 pdf free download.

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