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IEC 62435-3-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62435-3-2020 pdf free download.Electronic components Long-term storage of electronic semiconductor devices — Part 3: Data
Composants électroniques — Stockage de longue durée des dispositifs électroniques a semiconducteurs — Partie 3: Données.
4.5 Data storage media failure mode considerations
Storage media preservation or maintenance is as important as physical part storage to maintain the ability to re-establish provenance, design or test parameters or performance when the components are to be used. When considering magnetic media, such as tapes and disks, it is well known that the long-term storage of magnetic media has its own attendant issues, such as oxide-shedding and magnetic “punch-through” in as little as 5 years. Platter disks are generally less susceptible, but “punch-through” can still occur, and head-dust, caused by deterioration of the ferric-oxide bonding agent, can lead to irreparable damage to both the platter and read heads as soon as the platter is mounted. Network-attached storage and RAID schemes are used to mitigate the risks for the storage of drives,
Floppy disks are susceptible to mechanical and magnetic damage. Optical media, such as the compact disk (CD) and the digital versatile disk (DVD), can also present problems. CD-Rs that are written by the average computer have a distinct shelf life, and, dependent upon the storage ambience can lose data in 18 months or less; the quality of the initial CD-R or CD-RW media is paramount.
Shedding of the reflective aluminised coating and delamination can also occur, and the sensitivity to UV light and certain cleaning chemicals is well documented. There are other electronic storage mechanisms, such as holographic storage, ferro-optical disks.
Paper storage has concerns of bulk, weight and flammability, coupled with the vulnerability to damage from water, chemical degradation and fire. Paper de-acidification technology is in regular use in relation to the preservation of many of our important historical documents. Despite known issues, some forms of paper will continue to have a valuable place and be used for a long time.
Non-volatile flash memory solutions with redundancy are another medium for data storage that can have its own issues. Primarily, the program-erase cycles shall be controlled while ensuring re-use of media is not near the end of its endurance lifetime. Network attached storage and control software shall maintain data integrity. IEC 62435-3-2020 pdf free download.

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