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IEC 62541-7-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62541-7-2020 pdf free download.OPC unified architecture Part 7 : Profiles Architecture unifiee OPC Partie 7 : Profils.
6 Profiles
6.1 Overview
This clause includes a listing of the categories that a Profile can be grouped into, a list of named Profiles and the detailed listing of each Profile including directly defined Con formance Units and any sub Profiles that are included in the Profile.
6.2 Profile list
Table 23 lists Profiles. The Profile table is ordered by Profile category and then alphabetically by the name of the Profile. The table includes a list of categories the Profile is associated with and a URI. The URI is used to uniquely identify a Profile. The URI shall be able to be used to access the information provided in this document with regard to the given Profile in an on-line display.
An application (Client or Server) shall implement all of the Con formanceUnits in a Profile in order to be compliant with the Profile. Some Profiles contain optional Con formanceUnits. An optional Con formanceUnit means that an application has the option to not support the Con formanceUnit. However, if supported, the application shall pass all tests associated with the Con formanceUnit. For example, some Con formanceUnits require specific information model items to be available. They are, therefore, listed as optional in order to allow for the information model items to be omitted. If a Server desires to be listed as supporting the optional Con formanceUnit then it shall include any required information model items in the configuration provided for certification testing. The test result that is generated by the certification testing lists all optional Con formanceUnits and whether they are supported or not by the tested UA application. Some Con formance Units also include lists of supported DataTypes or optional Subtypes; the lists are handled in the same manner as optional Con formanceUnits. All reporting requirements for optional Con formanceUnits also apply to these lists of supported DataTypes or Subtypes.IEC 62541-7-2020 pdf free download.

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