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IEC 62656-8-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62656-8-2020 pdf free download.Standardized product ontology register and transfer by data parcels Part 8: Web service interface for data parcels
Enregistrement d’ontologie de produits normalises et transfert par paquets de donnees — Partie 8: Interface de service Web pour les paquets de données.
4 Use scenarios
4.1 Holistic use scenario
A standardized ontology such as that set out in IEC 61360-4 consists of a standardized set of classes and properties which should be used for common understanding of the meaning of data among users. In most cases, such a standardized ontology contains a minimum agreed set of classes and properties expressed in the English language; therefore it usually needs to be customized for actual use. For example, language translation may be important for the use of an ontology for non-native English users in a regional company. For another example, extensions of classes and properties, such as commercial data or administrative information, are essential for product information management in each company. The four modelling layers approach defined in IEC 62656-1 allows for the representation of such an extension and modification in data parcels.
Such a customized ontology is usually maintained and published in a server (e.g., application ontology repository) such as a national server and an enterprise server, separately from the server (e.g., common ontology repository) where the standardized ontology is stored. If there is a mechanism not only for downloading or uploading data parcels but also for subscription to an ontology by using the web technique, the use of a standardized ontology and its extension will be enhanced and made easy. Web services specified in this document will contribute to enabling the exchange of data parcel(s) of an ontology between a server and a client or between servers.
In many cases, data exchange both between servers and between a server and a client are done over the HTTP(S) protocol, because there are many hardware, software and security techniques for it. Therefore, the use of the HTTP(S) protocol is recommended for a parcel web service, but other protocols are also available for a data exchange by means of a parcel web service for a specific requirement such as communication speed.IEC 62656-8-2020 pdf free download.

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