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IEC 62788-1-6-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62788-1-6-2020 pdf free download.Measurement procedures for materials used in photovoltaic modules — Part 1-6: Encapsulants — Test methods for determining the degree of cure in Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate
Procedures de mesure des matériaux utilisés dans les modules photovoltaIques — Partie 1-6: Encapsulants — Méthodes d’essai pour determiner le degré de durcissement dans l’éthylène-acétate de vinyle.
method does not measure the degree of cure directly, but is used to infer the degree of cure based on the solubility of the material that is not cross linked. The gel content test may be applied to any EVA specimen, regardless of its thermal history (including EVA from fielded modules), to quantify its degree of cure. Some of the limitations for the primary method for the gel content test, described in Annex A, are addressed by the standardized test procedure for the primary method.
6.2 Instrument and equipment for the primary method
6.2.1 Electronic balance
An electronic balance shall be used with a measurement accuracy ≤ 1 mg.
6.2.2 Soxhlet extractor
A Soxhiet or similar (e.g., Kumagawa) extractor 1 shall be used for the gel content measurements. To prevent the risk of explosion of a closed system, the condenser for the extractor may use a pinhole or pressure relief device. The distillation path of the extractor (containing the thimble) shall be cleaned prior to use to improve the accuracy of the measurement, i.e., to remove EVA condensed from a prior test or to prevent contamination with other chemicals. It is recommended to use PTFE sleeves for all ground joints in the apparatus, for example to avoid the inadvertent dissolution of joint grease.
NOTE The use of a closed ioop extractor system and thimble improves the accuracy of measurement over a flask/reflux condenser as in Iso 10147 and ASTM D2765 or sealed bottle as is sometimes used in the industry. The use of a Soxhiet extractor is identified here to provide the greatest accuracy, when the gel content test is used to calibrate the DSC methods. The procedure here does not prohibit the use of other apparatuses or established methods, such as a pressure relieved jar, if the gel content test is used for other purposes, for example, supplemental Inspection of encapsulation, for process control or inspection of incoming goods in mass production.
6.2.3 Thimble
A standard single thickness thimble with a wall thickness of approximately 1 mm (10,0 ilm nominal particle retention) shall be used to contain the specimen within the distillation path. IEC 62788-1-6-2020 pdf free download.

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