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IEC 62841-2-6-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62841-2-6-2020 pdf free download.Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery — Safety — Part 2-6: Particular requirements for hand-held hammers
Outils électroportatifs a moteur, outils portables et machines pour jard ins et pelouses — Sécurité — Partie 2-6: Exigences particulières pour les marteaux portatifs. Percussion hammers
Percussion hammers shall be coupled during the test run to a tool embedded in a cube- shaped concrete block placed in a concrete pit, sunk into the ground.
The block shall be in the shape of a cube (600 ± 2) mm long at the edge and as regular as possible; it shall be made of reinforced concrete and thoroughly vibrated in layers of up to 200 mm to avoid excessive sedimentation.
The quality of the concrete shall correspond to C 50/60 of EN 206:2013.
The cube shall be reinforced by 8 mm-diameter steel rods without ties, each rod being independent of the other; the design concept is illustrated in Figure 1.102.
NOTE 101 For percussion hammers with high impact energy, it is possible that the quality of the concrete, the steel rods and the design concept illustrated in Figure 1.102 will need to be altered in order to withstand the resulting high loads.
The support tool shall be sealed into the block and shall consist of a rammer of no less than 178 mm or no more than 220 mm diameter and a tool chuck component identical to that normally used with the appliance being tested. Its upper end protruding above the screening slab (see dimension “X” in Figure 1.103) shall be as short as possible, while allowing for a sufficient distance between the tool chuck and the screening slab (key item 2 in Figure 1.103).
The exposed part of the support tool between the tool chuck and the screening slab shall be covered by noise absorbing material.
Suitable treatment shall be carried out to integrate the two components of the support tool. The support tool shall be fixed in the block so that the bottom of the rammer is 300 mm from the upper face of the block (see Figure 1.102).IEC 62841-2-6-2020 pdf free download.

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