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IEC 62841-3-7-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62841-3-7-2020 pdf free download.Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery — Safety — Part 3-7: Particular requirements for transportable wall saws
Outils électroportatifs a moteur, outils portables et machines pour jardins et pelouses — Sécurité — Partie 3-7: Exigences particulières pour les scies murales portables.
NOTE 101 In normal use, the wheel guards of a wall saw are always disassembled for transport, during change of working position and for changing the diamond wheel. The wheel guard is then reassembled for operation each time. In addition, it is typical that the wheel guard needs to be disassembled and reassembled several times in order to perform a deep cut.
The wheel guard, except as specified below for special cutting operations, shall cover at least 175° of
— the periphery and the motor side;
— the side where the nut and locking flange are located for at least the outer 30 mm of the radius of the smallest diamond wheel which may be used with the wheel guard in accordance with 8.14.2a) 101) to cover the cutting section of the diamond wheel.
In order to perform special cutting operations (e.g. flush cutting) in accordance with 8.14.2 b)
— a section of the wheel guard may be removable or adjustable without the aid of a tOOlL provided the remaining wheel guard coverage is not less than 90°, or a separate wheel guard complying with this requirement may be supplied with the tool;
— a side of the wheel guard may be removable without the aid of a tool to allow a flush cut close to an adjacent surface, provided the wheel guard coverage on the motor side is not impaired, or a separate wheel guard complying with this requirement may be supplied with the tool.
Compliance is checked by inspection and by measurement.
19.102 The tool shall be designed to prevent the diamond wheel coming loose under normal use.
The spindle and flanges shall be designed so that they secure and locate the diamond wheel to the wall saw. At least one of the flanges shall be keyed, screwed, shrunk on or otherwise secured to prevent rotation relative to the tool spindle.IEC 62841-3-7-2020 pdf free download.

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