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IEC 62841-3-9-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62841-3-9-2020 pdf free download.Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery — Safety — Part 3-9: Particular requirements for transportable mitre saws
Outils électroportatifs a moteur, outils portables et machines pour jard ins et pelouses — Sécurité — Partie 3-9: Exigences particulières pour les scies a onglets transportables.
The additional safety instructions as specified in shall be given. This part may be printed separately from the ‘General Power Tool Safety Warnings”. Safety instructions for mitre saws
a) Mitre saws are intended to cut wood or wood-like products, they cannot be used with abrasive cut-off wheels for cutting ferrous material such as bars, rods, studs, etc. Abrasive dust causes moving parts such as the lower guard to jam. Sparks from abrasive cutting will burn the lower guard, the kerf insert and other plastic parts.
b) Use clamps to support the workpiece whenever possible. If supporting the workpiece by hand, you must always keep your hand at least 100 mm from either side of the saw blade. Do not use this saw to cut pieces that are too small to be securely clamped or held by hand. If your hand is placed too close to the saw blade, there is an increased risk of injury from blade contact.
c) The workpiece must be stationary and clamped or held against both the fence and the table. Do not feed the workpiece into the blade or cut “freehand” in any way. Unrestrained or moving workpieces could be thrown at high speeds, causing injury.
d) Push the saw through the workpiece. Do not pull the saw through the workpiece. To make a cut, raise the saw head and pull it out over the workpiece without cutting, start the motor, press the saw head down and push the saw through the workpiece. Cutting on the pull stroke is likely to cause the saw blade to climb on top of the workpiece and violently throw the blade assembly towards the operator.
NOTE 1 The above warning is omitted for a simple pivoting arm mitre saw.
e) Never cross your hand over the intended line of cutting either in front or behind the saw blade. Supporting the workpiece “cross handed” i.e. holding the workpiece to the right of the saw blade with your left hand or vice versa is very dangerous.
f) Do not reach behind the fence with either hand closer than 100 mm from either side of the saw blade, to remove wood scraps, or for any other reason while the blade Is spinning. The proximity of the spinning saw blade to your hand may not be obvious and you may be seriously injured.IEC 62841-3-9-2020 pdf free download.

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