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IEC 62932-2-2-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62932-2-2-2020 pdf free download.Flow battery energy systems for stationary applications
Part 2-2 : Safety requirements.
A comprehensive maintenance plan shall be prepared owing to the fact that the FBS consists of various equipment and components.
The maintenance plan shall clarify the items to be maintained, the required procedures and maintenance intervals and shall cover items such as:
— periodical maintenance, for example, daily, weekly, monthly and annual inspections,
— replacement of parts,
— overhaul of equipment.
During a maintenance operation personnel may work close to the battery system. The personnel shall be competent to carry out such works, and shall have been trained in any special necessary procedures. To minimize the risk of injury, the FBS shall be designed with battery terminal covers which allow routine maintenance whilst minimizing exposure to live parts through the following:
— a minimum distance of 1,50 m between simultaneously touchable conductive live parts of the battery having a potential exceeding 120 V DC (nominal voltage),
— devices to sectionalize the FBS into groups of less than 1 500 V DC when operating batteries with nominal voltages above 1 500 V DC,
— fuse carriers which prevent contact with live parts.
All metallic personal objects shall be removed from the hands, wrists and neck before starting work. For FBSs where the nominal voltage is more than 120 V DC, insulated protective clothing and local insulated coverings shall be required to prevent personnel from making contact with the floor or parts connected to earth or ground. Batteries shall be neither connected nor disconnected when current is flowing.
NOTE Back feeds from chargers or parallel batteries can cause the accessible contacts to be live when the fuse is removed. Where screw type fuses are used, the battery output terminals can be connected to the bottom contact. Screw type fuses cannot be used where both terminals remain live after the fuse is removed, for example, within parallel battery systems. Batteries can be equipped with flame arrestor vent plugs (see IEC 60050-482:2004, 482-05-11) to avoid internal explosions caused by an external naked flame or spark.IEC 62932-2-2-2020 pdf free download.

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