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IEC 62960-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62960-2020 pdf free download.Dependability reviews during the life cycle Revues de la surete de fonctionnement au cours du cycle de vie.
4.4.3 Identifying what the requirements are
In order to meet dependability objectives and achieve the dependability expected by
stakeholders it is sensible to specify an achievable goal with measureable targets and activities
together with an appropriate course of action during the life cycle . These become the
requirements against which reviews are carried out . The goal may relate to both the functionality
required from the system and the desired performance . Stakeholders or organizations who are
interested in the systems dependability might have differing agendas and may or may not be
different through the life cycle . Therefore , it can be necessary to revisit targets and goals at
each stage and change them if necessary . New plans are then generated and executed on a
stage by stage basis to achieve the targets and the results reviewed from a dependability
perspective . The relative level of importance of stakeholders , to the projects perceived success
can vary . This therefore may influence the contents of the plans , in line with relative importance
A dependability goal should be clarified against the details of the system specification and the
project plan . The goal can take into account technical opportunities , risks , the sufficiency of
each life cycle stage and relevant requirements from the result of market research
4.4.4 Capturing information on actual performance
Sufficient evidence should be gathered about what actually occurs or exists to enable reliable
conclusions to be drawn during the review . Evidence includes information for comparison with
each requirement , target and deliverable that is within the scope of the review . This may include
test results calculations , simulations , and other analyses . Any problems encountered in areas
of concern or features that might affect risks should be ascertained . Annex A provides details
of some information that can be collected . This will minimize uncertainty in the output of the
If the evidence is insufficient , being incomplete or not of adequate quality , or the understanding
and analysis of the evidence is incomplete , the results of the review are likely to be unreliable
or incomplete . In this case , action should be taken to either obtain more or better evidence , or
to improve understanding.IEC 62960-2020 pdf free download.

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