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IEC 62973-2-2020 pdf free download

IEC 62973-2-2020 pdf free download.Railway applications – Rolling stock-Batteries for auxiliary power supply
systems Part 2 : Nickel Cadmium ( NiCd ) batteries.
For NiCd batteries a deep discharge will not result in permanent damage nor be a safety issue
and therefore , do not require specific devices to protect the battery against deep discharge
itself . However , the available capacity especially after repeated deep discharge may be
temporarily reduced . Therefore , after a repeated deep discharge the operating instructions of
the battery manufacturer shall be followed
Low voltage cut-off is sometimes installed on trains to protect the train equipment . However ,
this is not required by the NiCd batteries
4.5.3 Temperature compensation during charging
teeg found that temperature compensated char wre onat elled , In , Pracical application . it has
As a further measure , NiCd charging conditions shall consider both the maximum and
minimum operating temperatures
In case of sensor failure , the battery charging system shall temporarily use a safe default
charging value , typically at 20’C
The preferred mounting location of the sensor is on a connection between two cells near the
middle of the battery . It should be part of the battery system design
4.6 Fire protection
The fire protection requirements which include flammability resistance , smoke generation and
toxicity limits shall be specified by the end users specification for standard ( s ) applicable to
each country . For some countries the fire protection can be considered at the battery box
level . Some examples are provided in the bibliography
4.7 Maintenance
Maintenance data for preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance shall be available
on request from the NiCd battery manufacturer . The maintenance frequency and
commissioning of batteries depends on the end users practices and battery manufacturers
A typical maintenance operation includes topping-up electrolyte level at manufactu
recommended intervals . It is not necessary to decrease the intervals as it can lea
overfilling at levels above the maximum
4.8 Charging characteristics
Charging characteristics are depended on the NiCd battery technology and are to be selected
in a way to ensure a high state of charge under normal operating conditions , and the lowest
possible water consumption . Refer to 4.4.2
4.9 Optional additional components to battery system
4.9.1 General
Some additional components may be added to the battery system to provide either
information or providing enhanced battery performance or to assist for additional control to the
battery.IEC 62973-2-2020 pdf free download.

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