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IEC 63045-2020 pdf free download

IEC 63045-2020 pdf free download.Ultrasonics — Non4oc using short pressure pulse sources including ballistic pressure pulse sources — Characteristics of fields.
The next measurement shall be along the beam axis (:-axis), which is perpendicular to the source aperture in order to identify the existence and position of local maxima. If they exist but are not higher than the peak-positive acoustic pressure Pc at the source aperture, the weakly focusing character of the source is confirmed. If the peak-positive acoustic pressure Pc has a maximum along the beam axis which is higher than the peak-positive acoustic pressure p at the source aperture, this document does not apply, instead IEC 61846 applies.
In order to allow comparison of several pressure pulse sources, the spatial acoustic pressure distributions in the .r- and y-directions shall be measured at z = 5 mm ± 3 mm from the source aperture; the z position shall be documented.
Depending on the character of the source (non-focusing or weakly focusing), further measurement planes shall be selected as indicated in 7.1.3 to 7.1.12.
7.1.3 Non-focusing source
In the non-focusing case, the peak-positive acoustic pressure Pc has its maximum at the source aperture. In this case, the first measurement distance from the source aperture surface for measurements in x- and v- direction shall be: = 5 mm ± 3 mm. Further measurement distances from the source aperture may be chosen. The closest: position shall be as close to the source aperture surface as feasible, for example: = 1 mm or 5 mm.
NOTE In the case of mechanical applicators, the applicator can make an inertial oscillatory motion about its resting position, caused by the impact of the projectile. The maximum excursion amplitude of the applicator from its resting position needs to be taken into account.
The maximum excursion amplitude can be determined either by the technical description from the manufacturer or by approaching the applicator with the tip of a thin rod (e.g. a copper wire or a needle) on the applicator axis while pressure pulses are released, until the rod is hit by the applicator. An appropriate minimal measurement distance then is 1 mm from the hit position. The maximum excursion amplitude shall be documented.IEC 63045-2020 pdf free download.

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