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IEC 63092-1-2020 pdf free download

IEC 63092-1-2020 pdf free download.Photovoltaics in buildings — Part 1: Requirements for building-integrated photovoltaic modules.
5.2.1 General
As electrotechnical and building products, BIPV modules shall be designed to withstand mechanical loads (such as caused by wind and snow) as specified either in IEC 61730-1 or in national or local building codes — whichever are higher. Note that, the pass/fail criteria for IEC 61730-2 MST 34 differ significantly from building product requirements.
The specific requirements on BIPV modules, which arise from the basic requirements for buildings and their parts (see 3.1), are listed in the following clauses. Corresponding available standards are named.
The integration of photovoltaics into an existing building product to create a BIPV module necessarily changes the properties with respect to the original building product. New evaluation of the BIPV module with respect to a basic requirement for buildings and their parts is necessary only if an essential characteristic of the BIPV module needed to meet this basic requirement is changed with respect to the original building product.
This document distinguishes between BIPV modules that contain at least one pane of glass and those that do not. In addition to naming the general requirements, this standard classifies BIPV modules into five different categories as specified in Clause 4, Table 1 (depending on the intended application).
5.2.2 Requirements for products with at least one glass pane General
Requirements for BIPV modules with at least one glass pane are discussed in more detail in the following clauses while Table 2 summarizes the requirements for each application category that is defined in Table 1. Mechanical resistance and durability
In addition to the international requirements for mechanical resistance in the IEC 61215 series, IEC 61730 series and ISO 12543 series, the requirements specified under the high-temperature standard IEC TS 63126 and the provisions of Clause A.2 for assessing the shear tie connection of the encapsulant in the case of laminated BIPV modules shall apply.
The requirements specified under national or local standards or codes are also to be met. BIPV modules shall withstand the loads that are expected at the location (including position with regard to the building) of their application. Compliance of the application’s load to the BIPV module’s design load can be verified either by calculation or by testing. Safety in case of fire
It shall be noted that fundamental requirements for fire safety are not internationally harmonised. It is therefore not possible to define general requirements for fire safety of BIPV modules, as international recognition of specific test results is not well established.
The BIPV module shall meet the fire safety requirements of the local national building code (or similar) for the building function it provides.
An example of such requirements can be found under the European Construction Product Regulation CPR 305/2011:IEC 63092-1-2020 pdf free download.

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