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IEC 63103-2020 pdf free download

IEC 63103-2020 pdf free download.Lighting equipment – Non-active mode power measurement.
5.1 General
The purpose of the measurements is to determine the power consumption in persistent non- active mode(s) of lighting equipment. A non-active mode is persistent when power consumption is constant or when there are several power levels that occur in a regular sequence.
NOTE 1 During transition from the active mode to the non-active mode some EUTs could be waiting in a higher power state while transition tasks are performed, or circuits are energized or de-energized, so they can take some time to enter a stable state.
NOTE 2 Where the EUT mode changes automatically it can sometimes be necessary to operate an EUT through the automatic sequence several times on a trial basis to ensure that sequence is fully understood and documented before test results are recorded and reported. A sequence of separate EUT modes can also exhibit a regular ongoing pattern of power levels.
NOTE 3 While limited duration modes can be documented using measurements In accordance with this document, the results for such modes can be reported as an energy consumption (Wh) and related time intervals.
A variety of non-active modes can be considered for assessing, for example:
— standby mode;
— networked standby mode;
— off mode;
— no-load mode.
The EUTs assessed are described in 5.2. To assess a specific mode, an EUT shall be prepared as described in 5.3. Guidance for EUTs with battery charging provisions is also given in 5.3.2. After preparation, power consumption of the EUT in the specified non-active mode is determined via the procedure described in 5.4.
The light source (see Figure 4 a)) is the component responsible for generating light from the energy delivered by the power supply.
NOTE For the purposes of this document, the light source is used to indicate a luminous element as defined in
IEC 60050-845:2020, 845-28-001.
The power supply (see Figure 4 b)) is the component converting, in a controlled way, power from a supply voltage into power entering the light source for light generation.
The control unit (see Figure 4 c)) is the component acting as the interface between (external) communication options and the EUT. The control unit is instrumental in changing the EUT mode from active to non-active mode and vice versa, except when physical disconnections are made to control the light output. The control unit instructs the power supply to drive the light source in the requested mode (active, non-active).
Triggering the control unit to change between modes can originate from a sensor, timer or external trigger. The external trigger to change between the active mode and a non-active mode can originate from a network connection or from another source. In the case where the external trigger originates from a network, the mode is termed “networked standby mode”. In other cases, the non-active EUT mode is termed “standby mode”.
The power supply does not have a control unit, but its settings can be controlled via a control unit. Therefore, the power supply does not have a direct connection to an external network.
Illumination-only lighting equipment under test can be fully functional products including a light source, a power supply and a control unit (like a lamp or luminaire) or only some of these elements, like a controlgear which is composed of a power supply and a control unit.
In Table I combinations of the components light source, power supply and control unit are given, representing illumination-only lighting equipment. The table provides EUT configurations with examples and references to the associated measurement setup schemes for non-active mode power measurements in Annex B. IEC 63103-2020 pdf free download.

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