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IEC 63129-2020 pdf free download

IEC 63129-2020 pdf free download.Determination of inrush current characteristics of lighting products Determination des caractéristiques du courant d’appel des produits d’éclairage.
7.3 Measurement and calculation of the inrush current characteristics
7.3.1 Inrush current characteristics for a single OUT (k = 1)
The following measurement and calculation procedure shall be used to determine the inrush current characteristics for a single DUT (k = 1):
a) Set up the measurement for k = I according to Figure 2 by using L1, and Radii as determined under 7.2.1.
b) Connect the DUT terminals C and D to the circuit terminals A and B.
c) All energy storage components of the DUT shall be discharged. The DUT shall be operated with the highest load specified by the manufacturer. If components have different characteristics at different temperatures (e.g. NTC in series to limit the inrush current), the test shall be made with all components of the DUT at ambient temperature.
d) Turn on switch 2, then turn on switch 1.
e) Measure the voltage across the capacitor, C1, with an oscilloscope (oscilloscope not shown in Figure 2). Wait until this voltage has stabilized at 325 V, the supply voltage peak value.
f) Turn on the switching unit and record the voltage across C1 and the current through the DUT (according to Figure 2) as a function of time.
g) Turn off the switching unit, then turn off switch 2, then turn off switch 1 and remove the DUT.
h) Determine the voltage Umax across C1 at the time, 1max’ when the peak, ‘max’ is reached. The current through the line capacitors shall be ignored in the time frame of 100 ps, if their average energy is less than 10 % of the energy of the inrush current (see Figure 5). Calculate the inrush current, ‘peak.i = 325 V ‘max Umax.
NOTE Current peaks before 100 ps are caused by filter capacitances in resonance with the line inductance.
i) Determine the inrush current pulse duration ‘Hx,1 (see Figure 1).IEC 63129-2020 pdf free download.

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