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IEC 63185-2020 pdf free download

IEC 63185-2020 pdf free download.Measurement of the complex permittivity for low-loss dielectric substrates balanced-type circular disk resonator method
Méthode au résonateur a disque circulaire de type symétrique pour mesurer Ia permittivité complexe des substrats dielectriques a faible perte.
6 Measurement system
Figure 3 shows a schematic diagram of a vector network analyzer measurement system for a transmission-type resonator. A scalar network analyzer can also be used for measuring equipment, because resonant frequencies and Q-factors can be derived from the frequency dependence of the amplitude of the transmission, S21. However, a vector network analyzer has an advantage in precision of the measurement. Furthermore, resonant frequencies and Q-factors are more accurate and less susceptible when they are derived from complex values of measured S21 data by using the circle fitting on the complex plane of S21 [7].
7 Measurement procedure
7.1 Preparation of measurement apparatus
Set up the measurement equipment and apparatus as shown in Figure 3. The cavity resonator and dielectric samples shall be kept in a clean and dry state, as high humidity degrades unloaded Q-factors.
7.2 Adjustment of measurement conditions
Set up the measurement conditions of a vector network analyzer. The interval between discrete frequency points shall preferably be less than one tenth of the half width of the resonant waveform. Intermediate frequency band width (IFBW), like as digital band pass filter condition in vector network analyzer, is determined such that the noise floor is at least 20 dB lower than the peak values.
7.3 Calibration of a vector network analyzer
A vector network analyzer shall be calibrated by using calibration kits.
7.4 Measurement of complex permittivity of test sample
Constitute a balanced-type circular disk resonator by the pair of test samples. Figure 4 shows the frequency dependence of 1S211. Resonant frequencies of TM010 to TM050 modes are indicated by the downward arrows. Measure the resonant frequency and unloaded Q-factor of each mode and calculate the complex permittivity at each resonant frequency of test samples by using Equations (3) and (4).
The alignment between the conductor disk and excitation holes is critical to measurement results, but it is possible to find a misalignment by detecting resonances of unwanted modes between adjacent TM0m0 modes. In the frequency response of 1S211, resonant peaks for unwanted modes shall be at least 15 dB lower than those for adjacent TM0m0 modes.IEC 63185-2020 pdf free download.

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