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IEC TR 63196-2020 pdf free download

IEC TR 63196-2020 pdf free download.Switchgear and controlgear and their assemblies for low voltage Energy efficiency.
Motor loads account for 70 % of the electricity consumed by industry (figure from the European Community Commission Regulation No 640/2009). Improving the load profile by a system analysis and afterwards selecting the most appropriate motor should be the first focus.
The electrical distribution architecture (generation and transmission) should also be considered, as well as power supplies and wiring systems. Energy management using automation and control
Energy management through automation is a significant contributor to energy efficiency. Automation design over the past decades has continued to evolve, introducing new methods that are of increasing importance in energy saving (availability and cost).
Status information, measurements from sensors, commands from the operator and information from the environment are necessary inputs to the energy management system (EnMS). The automation function of the energy management system should ensure that the energy is consumed at the right moment, for the right purpose and in the right quantity. The EnMS may be very simple or complex (contactor relays, simple control loop, extended functions of circuit- breakers or motor management systems, programmable logical controllers, etc.). Contactors and starters are essential for managing power by switching remotely individual loads or groups of loads without adding significant power losses.
It applies in all sectors including manufacturing, process control, industrial facility management, building automation.
EXAMPLE 1 In building automation, it is a common idea that the management system optimizes the usage of energy, taking into account the occupancy schedule, the outside conditions (temperature, light) and the real presence of persons. From the idea to the effective realization, there might be a gap due for example to the difficult modelling of the thermal response of the building, to inaccurate detection of individuals, to not interoperable communication interfaces.
EXAMPLE 2 In discrete manufacturing industry, saving the useless consumption of the standby energy of the loads is an important field of improvement. It consists in switching off totally or partially the loads during short, long or unscheduled breaks. The challenge is to ensure a restart in the time constraints for the production facility.IEC TR 63196-2020 pdf free download.

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