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BS 1192-4-2014 pdf free download

BS 1192-4-2014 pdf free download.Collaborative production of information
Part 4: Fulfilling employer’s information exchange requirements using COBie — Code of practice.
6.3.1 General
COBie should be delivered as a single model in “Spreadsheet XML 2003” format. NOTE 1 This format is acceptable to most spreadsheet and database applications. Formats containing macros or other embedded code might be rejected by fire walls and security scans.
All sheets, columns and header rows should be present in the deliverable, and named and ordered in the same way as the standard. A blank row should not occur before a row containing data or a header.
Applications used for preparing or using COBie data need not reproduce the naming of the sheets or columns (see Annex A), but the delivered COBie should do so.
NOTE 2 Applications creating COBie data need not reproduce the colour coding of the COBie worksheets found in the manual COBie template and example files (see Annex A). However, when manually pasting into the COBie sheet it is preferable to paste only text so as to maintain the cells’ colouration, formatting and validation.
The Instruction sheet should be included with: Title, Version, Release, Status and Region. This information should not change.
NOTE 3 For more information see A. 1.
Any additional sheets specified by the employer should occur in the deliverable after the final PickLists sheet.
NOTE 4 Any additional sheets might not be read by receiving applications.
Any additional columns specified by the employer should occur to the right of the final specified columns and should have a header column name.
NOTE 5 Such columns might be read by receiving applications, as if they were textual Attributes. They can be used to simplify the generation of COBie information where the Attribute is applicable to the majority of the objects on the sheet. For example, if all or most Spaces (locations) are expected to have a “FloorCoverirg” value, then such a column can be added.
Any additional PickList values specified by the employer should occur below the recommended values.
NOTE 6 Such values might be accepted and used by receiving applications; 7.3 includes some potential additions.
The integrity of references should be ensured as follows:
a) Every Space (location) should be assigned to one Floor (region).BS 1192-4-2014 pdf free download.

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