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BS 9251-2005 pdf free download

BS 9251-2005 pdf free download.Sprinkler systems for residential and domestic occupancies Code of practice.
6.1 Installation
6.1.1 General
Sprinkler systems should be installed in accordance with BS 6700.
Bending of copper piping should only be carried out by an approved method in accordance with BS 6700.
NOTE See also Water Rcsoarch Centre (WRc) Ouide 151.
6.1.2 Feasibili&y
Before installation begins, the service pipe water supply should be tested to ensure that, when at its lowest hydraulic characteristic, the recommended flow rate and pressure can be achieved. If the recommended pressure and flow rate is not achieved the installation should not proceed and the designer should be consulted.
6.1.3 Pipework Pipe sizes
Pipe sizes should be determined by hydraulic calculations (see Annex A). Pipework support (see Annex B)
Only metallic pipe fixings should be used. Batons and lock type clips should be fitted in close proximity to
the sprinkler heads to ensure no movement occurs which would recoil heads into the ceiling or loft voids. Pipework through structural limbers
Structural timbers should not be notched or bored in such a way that the integrity of the structure is compromised lace Building Regulations 2000 (applicable to England and Wales)I [61. the Technical Standards Scotland 1990 [71 and the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000 181 and BS 6700].
6.1.4 Frost protection (see 5.2.2)
It is essential that any water filled pipework which may he subjected to low temperatures should be protected against freezing at all times.
NOTE 1 Electrical trace heating andior lagging or antifreeze solutions may be used.
NOTE 2 Water Regulations 111. 121, 131 forbid the employment of anti.freeze solutions where the system is directly connected to a mains water supply.
NOTE 3 P1astcs pipe and fittings may be protected using glycerin based anti.fre’eze solutions. Glycol based anti-freeze solutions should not be used in plastic systems.
6.2 Commissioning
6.2.1 Leakage testing
The sprinkler system should be tested for leakage by filling with water at the normal working pressure and checking visually for leaks at each joint. Any leaks found should be repaired,
The water supply to the system should be isolated and the system should be tested to a minimum of 1.5 times working pressure or 12 bar, whichever is the lesser, for 1 h. If the system fails to maintain pressure the leak should be found and corrected and this test repeated.BS 9251-2005 pdf free download.

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