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BS 5991-2006 pdf free download

BS 5991-2006 pdf free download.Specification for indirect gas fired forced convection air heaters with rated heat inputs greater than 330 kW but not exceeding 2 MW for industrial and commercial space heating – Safety and performance requirements (excluding electrical requirements) (2nd family gases).
11w test room shall be adequately ventilated but free from draughts that are likely to affect the iwrformaxwe of the appliance.
The ternlwralure in the test room shall he Inailltalne(l at (20 ± 5) °C. 11w air in the test room, and any external air sIIj)pty, shall contain not more than 1 000 parts per million (0.1% (V/V)) of carbon dioxide or 10 parts per million (0.001% (WV)) of carbon monoxide.
6.2 Preparation of appliance for testing
The appliance shall be set up in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, with particular reference to minimum declared clearances roIln(l the appliance. It shall then he adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions using test gas G20 at an inlet pressure of 17.5 nibar.
Before any tests are made, the appliance shall be operated at its maxiniurn rated heat input, using iiornial (tisirthilted gas, for a period sufficient to dry any insulation and remove any temporary finish that might interfere with observations.
Appliances with an integral fan in the secondary flue (natural draught burners) shall 1w installed on a flue of manufacturer’s minimum specified equivalent resistance unless otherwise directed in the particular test.
Other appLiances having a vertical flue outlet shall be fitted with the ininuuim length ofverlical secondary flue specified by the manufacturer and having the same nominal diameter as the flue outlet.
other appLiances having a horizontal flue outlet shall be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; these shall include the maximum length of horizontal run and the method of adaptation to a vertical flue. Thereafter the vertical flue shall be fitted as above.
6.3 Test procedure
The appliance shall be examined for gas soundness before amid after the tests specified in this standard.
The test results shall be deemed to be invalid unless the gas system is sound.BS 5991-2006 pdf free download.

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