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BS 3084-2006 pdf free download

BS 3084-2006 pdf free download.Slide fasteners ( Zips ) Specification.
F.1 Principle
The test specimen is subjected to a specified number of cyclic operations whi1s under lateral and longitudinal tension.
F.2 Apparatus
F.2. I Vertically operated lest ing maria law af the fjpe shown in Fiqure F. I and providing the following facilities.
a) Means of holding the test specimen firmly at the bottom end, with the fastener in the closed position, without the chain being
b) Means of separdlely gripping (he two stringers a( the otlwr end so that the fastener beyond the slider is open. These gripping devices form the means of applying longitudinal spring balance forces to the fastener and are therefore (olmected together by a swivel-plate or other similar device, so that the fastener can be centralized
when the forces are applied. The gripping devices also swivel at the points of Connection to the swivel-plate to facilitate the
operation of the slider on the test specunen. The distance between the gripping devices is such thai when the slider is at the lowest
point in the cycle the two ends of the fastener subtend an angle of approximately 600 (see Figure Fl).
c) Means of gripping the tapes securely midway along the traversed length at opposite points of the testing zone so that the (lamps can be subjected to force by means of spring balances. The clamps are mounted so that they are floating, i.e. free to follow the natural direction of opening of the test specimen.
The clamps are capable of moving 5 mm in the direction of the
pulleys, and setting pads are provided to hold the clamps in liosition until they are secured to the tapes.
The spring balances are of the tubular type and are 100 N balances for the lateral tension and 50 N balances for the longitudinal force. In each case the scale is 44 mm in length. The 100 N balance has a spring rating of 2.25 N/mm and the 50 N balance one of 1.10 N/nun. They are graduated in 1 N steps and accurate to within 5 N on each reading.BS 3084-2006 pdf free download.

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