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BS 31100-2008 pdf free download

BS 31100-2008 pdf free download.Risk management Code of practice.
• evaluation and prioritization.
Risk assessment should determine the level of and exposure to risk and provide input to decisions on where responses to reduce or exploit risk are necessary or likely to be worthwhile.
4.4.2 Risk analysis
A risk might have a number of consequences, some positive and some negative. Managing the risk and its consequences could change a consequence, potentially from negative to positive.
Risk analysis may be undertaken with varying degrees of detail depending upon the risk, the purpose of the analysis, and the information, data and resources available. Analysis may be qualitative or quantitative, or a combination of these.
Each risk should be analysed to an appropriate extent, considering its consequences, and summarized in terms of the consequences arising and their likelihood.
Risk analysis should be an iterative process, being repeated as more data become available. It may take into account the inherent risk, the control5 in place and how well these mitigate the risk, and be undertaken in accordance with the risk criteria.
NOTE Resources in an organization are finite and an understanding of inherent risk might help to ensure that the response is proportionate to the overall exposure. It can help to identify and guard against over-control. It might also help the organization to understand what its full exposure could be if controls fail, and therefore recognize the contribution of certain controls to overall risk mitigation.
4.4.3 Analysis of inter-related risk
The initial set of risks should be reviewed and revised to take account of instances where links between risks or common risk responses suggest that risks could be split or aggregated, or considered in groups. Risks that are interlinked may be aggregated or considered together, while risks that contain independent elements may be split up. Also, risks that are addressed by a common response may be aggregated or grouped, while risks that have elements addressed by separate responses may be split.BS 31100-2008 pdf free download.

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