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BS 3621-2007 pdf free download

BS 3621-2007 pdf free download.Thief resistant lock assembly Key egress.
A.2 Submission of samples
A total of six complete lock/cylrnder assemblies shall be submitted. These shall be representative of normal production and shall contain the most vulnerable combination of differs as determined by the panel. Two samples shall be supplied to each locksmith expert, one for examination and one for assessment purposes. Where a range of pro(Iucts is a.s.sessed, the panel shall agree with the manufacturer or certification body which samples arc required for assessment, and the decision shall be based on the examination of detailed drawings, specimens and disetissions with the interested parties. If, during the assessment process, a locksmith expert identifies a particular vulnerability and believes that further tests are required, a maximum of two further samples shall be requested.
A.3 Preparation of the test sample
The test sample shall be mounted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions in a wooden block or similar and the sample shall be verified as fully functional. For the majority of lock designs a block nominally 380 runt X 150 nun x 44 runt is suitable. Where the lock design is not compatible with this size block, the width and/or height may be increased with the agreement of the panel. The thickness of the block shall not be changed. During the test the lock shall be mounted in a rigid fixture at a working height similar to the intended location when installed in a door; nominally 1 000 mm from floor level.
A.4 Assessment procedure
NOTE Thstiig specified in BS EN 12209 aud B EN 1303 does uoform part of ibis pmc&ure.
Each locksmith expert shall dismantle and examine the first sample prior to testing and assessing the second sample. There is no overall limit to the time required to dismantle and examine the first sample.
For the second sample, the overall duration of the assessment detailed in 34.5 shall not exceed 15 miii and no one test technique shall be used for more than 3 mm.
The maximum duration of the as.sessmerfl (letailed in A.6 shaLl be 3 miii. with a further 4 miii allowed to conduct any modification deemed necessary in accordance with A.6 iv).BS 3621-2007 pdf free download.

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