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BS 5385-1-2009 pdf free download

BS 5385-1-2009 pdf free download.Wall and floor tiling — Part 1: Design and installation of ceramic, natural stone and mosaic wall tiling in normal internal conditions — Code of practice.
load to achieve a given degree of deformation than an Si adhesive, in which case this particular S2 adhesive can be thought of as being less flexible, since it requires a higher load to deform it.
NOTE This classification Is not available for non-cementitious adhesives, even though they might still be equally (or more) deformable.
c) Regardless of whether transverse deformation measures flexibility, even when highly flexible fixing materials are used, unstable backgrounds might still cause the installations to fail, the mode of failure then probably being via broken tiles rather than adhesion failure or breakdown of the adhesive layer. Furthermore, an adhesive which accommodates more movement in the background will also accommodate more flexing movement in the tile above it under toad or impact, reducing the resistance of the installation to impact damage and cracking under load, since the flexing of the poorly-supported tile could cause stresses which exceed its breaking strength.
It should therefore always be ensured that backgrounds are sufficiently rigid and stable, so that the tiling does not become subjected to excessive stresses leading to failure.
5.8 Bonding agents
NOTE 1 Bonding agents are available to improve the adhesion of renderings and/or tile beds to backgrounds, the most commonly used type being a water-based dispersion of styrene butadiene copolymer
Bonding agents are usually mixed with cement and sand, or more commonly with neat cement, and should be applied as a wet slurry or stipple immediately prior to the application of the mortar.
NOTE 2 For optimum results the bonding agent could also be used as an admixture in the mortar if recommended by the manufacturer. This gives improved compressive and tensile strength, allowing mortars to be applied in thinner sections, thus reducing the weight of the construction.
The manufacturer’s recommendations for the particular type of bonding agent to be used and its method of application should always be strictly followed.BS 5385-1-2009 pdf free download.

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