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BS 5444-2008 pdf free download

BS 5444-2008 pdf free download.Physical attributes of documents for microfilming or scanning – Code of practice.
4.6 Rules
Line thickness should be not less than 0.7 mm. All lines should be parallel to an edge of the page.
4.7 Highlighting
Areas of black or colour used for highlighting parts of the document should not be in the form of solids; half-tone or line-tone areas should be used.
4.8 Reversed print
Reversed print, where characters appear clear within a coloured background, should not be used.
4.9 Bar codes
A bar code should be surrounded by a clear area and an eye-readable version of what the code represents should be printed above or below the code.
5 Illustrations
NOTE Illustrations include line diagrams. pictures, fables, graphs and charts.
5.1 Position
Illustrations should, if possible. be placed so that they can be seen at the same time as the related text and should be repeated if necessary to accomplish this. If they cannot be accommodated on the same page as the related text they should be on the following page.
NOTE The frequency of repetition depends on the frequency of references to the illustration in the text
5.2 Orientation
Illustrations should be upright and right-reading in relation to the main text.
5.3 Line diagrams
Diagrams should be as simple as the matter permits. Lines should be not less than 0.25 mm wide. Parallel and concentric lines should be separated by a space not less than the line width or the average width if the lines differ in width, provided that the space Is at least 0.5 mm.
5.4 Pictorial illustrations
Continuous-tone illustrations should not be used. Illustrations should be in the form of halftone or line-tone prints.
6 Print quality
Documents should preferably be printed on white or near-white paper of matt or MF (machine finished) grade, of grammage 80 gm to 100 gm and opacity sufficient to prevent obtrusive show-through. When two sheets of the paper to be used are placed over a sheet of paper with an area of dense black typescript. e.g. dry transfer lettering, the typescript should not be visible through the two sheets if it is suitable for the purposes of this standard.
NOTE 1 Pale coloured paper can be used provided sufficient contrast ts maintained between in formation and background.
The printed matter should be sharp, of even density and with minimum contrast of 1.0. Blue-green should be avoided as microfilm is not sensitive to that colour and it should be appreciated that essential information printed in colour cannot be captured by scanning as scanners vary in spectral sensitivity.
NOTE 2 Black ink is preferred but coloured inks can be used.
7 Supplementary features
NOTE Supplementary features can adversely affect equipment with automatic feed mechanisms and it is important to control these in order to minimize the risk.BS 5444-2008 pdf free download.

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