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BS 5979-2007 pdf free download

BS 5979-2007 pdf free download.Remote centres receiving signals from fire and security systems Code of practice.
proided, it should be separated from the operations area by a construction with a fire resistance of not less (han 30 mm.
NOTE readers are reminded of the llkn*place (Health and Safety and W’efti , Repda(itms (3).
5.2 Satellites
5.2.1 Equipment protection General
The equipment in a satellite should be protected against attack or malicious damage in accordance with the recommendations for either class A or class B protection as specified in and Class A protection
The satellite equipment should be protected by one of the following methods.
a) A building in which the construction of the shell, entrances, exits, glazed openings, inlets and outlets of the satdhte and service inlets and outlets should be as recommended for ARCs, although the normal entrance can be a single door and not a lobby with two (hsmrs. An lAS shouI(I he installed to detect the opening of any door or other access opening and to detect an attack on any door and/or on the shell of the satellite. Alarm conditions should be signalled to an AR(’ by a dedicated transmission path. If the satellite is capable of being manned, the alarm system should include deliberately-operated devices located within the shell of the satellite. A signal should be transmitted automatically to an AR(’ whenever any access door to the satellite is not closed and locked.
b) A room of substantial construction, such as 100 miii brick or concrete block or stud partitioning reinforced internally by weld mesh or expanded metal with a maximum mesh size of 100 mm. External wails of the room should meet the shell construction recommendations for a Category II ARC. The room should have the minimum number of entrances and should be without glazed areas. Openings in the shell of the room that are accessible froni public areas, such as those for ventilation, should be supervised as recommended for ARCs.BS 5979-2007 pdf free download.

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