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BS 6073-2-2008 pdf free download

BS 6073-2-2008 pdf free download.Precast concrete masonry units Part 2 : Guide for specifying precast concrete masonry unIts.
3.7 autoclaed aerated concrete (AAC) masonry unit masonry unit manufactured from hydraulic binders such as cement and/or lime, combined with siliceous-based line material, cell-generating material and water
NOTE AAC ix conunonlv known as aircrere in the UK.
3. coursing unit
masonry unit, commonly of brick size, used to assist in achieving the storey height of a wall in conjunction with full height blocks
3.9 block
masonry unit which when used in its normal aspect exceeds the length or width or height specified for a coursing unit
3.10 accessor unit
ma.sonry unit which is shaped to provide a particular function
3.11 work size
size of masonry unit specified for its manufacture, to which the actual size conforms within permissible deiations
4 General
When specifying masonry units, the basic characteristics listed in items a) toe) of Ith BS EN 771-3:2(X)3±Al. 6.1. and BS EN 77l.4:2(X)3+Al. 6.1. should he included. Where relevani, additional characteristics from those listed should also be specified.
NOTE RS EN 771-3:2003+AI. 6.1. and BS EN 771-4:2(N)3+AI. 6.1, .pecifr requir’,nenIsJir ilu.’ ck.wrij;tion and designaiwn on units.
5 Basic characteristics
(BS EN 771-3:2003+A1, 6.1, and BS EN 771-4:2003+A1, 6.1)
5.1 General
is important to specify that the masonry units confonu to BS EN 77 1-3 orBS EN 771-4. as appropriate, and to further specify:
— the type of unit (see Clause 3):
• the work size dimensions (see 5.2);
— the tolerance category (see 5.3):
the configuration (see 5.4):
• the mean compressive strength (see 5.5):
• the dry density (see 5.6).
5.2 work size dimensions
The work size of masonry units should be specified in terms of length, width (thickness) and height. e.g. 440 mm x 100 mm x 215 mm. NOTE I Pre ‘iou.c UK practice calledfor work size to be specified in ternis
of Ienith, heiçhr and thickness,
Table I and Table 2 show the work sizes of aggregate concrete masonry units commonly supplied in the UK. Tahlcs 3 and 4 show the work sizes of aircrete masonry units commonly supplied in the UK.
NOTE 2 To obtain the coordinating size of a masonry unit. add the isoiiuialjoist width. which is isor,nidlv 10 n,,n, to the k,sgrh tisul lie igist of the unit.
NOTE 3 Other wid:h. issiçlzi be a vaikthk and in use. BS 6073-2-2008 pdf free download.

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