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BS 6297-2007 pdf free download

BS 6297-2007 pdf free download.Code of practice for the design and installation of drainage fields for use in wastewater treatment.
5.4.4 Plants as drainage indicators
The l)resence of a particular plant caii be a useful indicator of the drainage properties of an area. The presence an(l abund.ance of several indicator plants from the same group are more reliable than the presence of a single indicator plant.
The presence of indicator plants should not be taken as conclusive evidence that the site is sLtital)le for a (Iramage system, but they might indicate where any subsequent soil investigations could take place (see Annex A).
5.4.5 Influent parameters
The drainage field system should be designed to accept the total daily flow from the properties. The infiltration systems are intended to receive only domestic wastewater (without. any other water. such as rainwater) pre-treated by a septic tank or wastewater treatment system. Systems to treat conunercial wastewater (restaurants, hotels, factories, etc.) can require different or niore extensive designs and the environmental regulator should be consulted.
Guidance on estimating volumes from domestic and non domestic applications is given in British water code qfpracfkeflows (i?ld lowts [31.
Some properties can have higher than average rates of discharge and this should be considered when estimating daily flow rates. Exceptional equipment includes spa baths, larger than average baths, commercial laundry equipment, and medical equipment, e.g. bedpan washers.
If the effluent contains a high proportion of heated water, or treatment chemicals, then guidance should be sought from the system provider to identify any additional pre—treatment or holding facility necessary to adjust the emuent parameters to make it suitable for wastewater treatment.
5.4.6 Site characteristics
The proximity of other drainage fields and rainwater soakaways should be determined to ensure the ground conditions are suitable to accommodate the total discharge from all of these sources.BS 6297-2007 pdf free download.

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