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BS 6700-2006 pdf free download

BS 6700-2006 pdf free download.Design, installation, testing and maintenance of services supplying water for domestic use within buildings and their curtilages Specification.
4.1 Choice of material
Pipes, fittings and jointing materials acceptable for the purposes of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 (Statutory Instruments 11 48 and 1506), the Water Byelaws 2000 Scotland and the Water and Sewerage Services (Northern Ireland) Order 1973 (collectively referred to as the WFRs 111” in this standard; see Commentary) are listed in the IV(derf?I1ings (hid nwlerwis directory (3I or a)proved by WRAS, and shaLl be used within the limits of the appropriate standard and manufacturer’s recomniendations. For non-metallic materials, this requirement is deemed to be met by compliance with B.S (5920.1. In ca.ses where it is found that there is no current appropriate standard for a given water fItting, advice should be sought from the local water undertaker prior to installa ion.
Every pipe. pipe joint and connected fining shall be capable of withstanding, without damage or deterioration, at a pressure of not less than one-and-a-half times the maximum pressure it is to be subjected to in operation, sustained temperatures of 40 °C for cold water installations and 95°C, with occasional short-term excursions in excess of 100 °C to allow for malfunctions, for heated water installations. DLsvliarge pipes connected to tern perai.ure or expansion relief valves In urivented hot water systems shall be capable of withstanding intermittent hot water or steam discharge at temperatures UI) to 114 °C.
If pipes, pipe joints or connected fittings are of dissimilar metals, measures shall be taken to re(luee corrosion. To prevent corrosion through galvanic action, pipes of dissimilar metals shall only be joined in the following sequence: galvanized steel, uncoated iron, lead, copper.
Attention is rlrwrn Ia the Building Reqiilalions 141 (set’ Al) and the WFk,’Ij (seeA.2).
It is es.sent ml that the following factors, u.s reqidntorij irquirenu!nLs, (ire taken into (WCOi4 Ut Iii selecting materials used in a u ‘ater service:
a) effect on u uSer quality;
b) .ibrulion, .str’ss or self lenwiat;
c) interPl(d water pressure:
(1) Uhter?14’hl (ind Itf’,n(Jl frmnpePYhl u?Y’5
e) internal and eih’rna! corras ion;BS 6700-2006 pdf free download.

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