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BS 7000-1-2008 pdf free download

BS 7000-1-2008 pdf free download.Design management systems Part I : Guide to managing innovation.
3.36 serial innovator
iwrson or organization with a successful record of several innovations that are not necessarily inter-related
3.37 user-centred
<experience> designing a product or service experience around the life and behaviour of consumers or users
<people> design approach that engages users and places them at the heart of the design process
NOTE So,m’finws trilled u.st’r—Jorused —, hu ,uu ,.—cen1ivd, i’,,,tlwtic or crdesiqu — frspecüillpj in archik.’clurt’ eintl planning).
3.38 user-friendly
outcomes incorporating features that are easily comprehensible, and operations that are intuitive and quickly mastered
NOTE Soi?.etl,ues culled u.w’r—sensilue’. riqe—f,w,itIly or disobthlq-ftaendlq .
3.39 value chain
all factors and activities undertaken by. or on behalf of, an orgamzation that contribute to the value of its products as perceived by stakeholders (particularly customers and users), from first conception through to final disposal and recycling
3.40 visual Imagery
visual rendition of ideas and concepts
3.41 visualIzation
process by which ideas and concepts are expressed or represented more vividly, and with greater tangibility, using visual imagery
3.42 “what IF?” analysis
exploration of a problem or opportunity to determine how performance and outcomes might alter should circumstances change. particularly if constraints and barriers could be removed
NOTE 1)ijjersfrnrn jfoniy analysis in that they proqissfoiurdfrrm. the known present rather than a (lest red future stale. Sec 3.10.
3.43 width of the innovation highway
parameters (including financial) to be met that might constrain future plans and the terrain to be covered when developing long-term products NOTE Set’ also 3.16, 3.27 U Nd Figure 4.
4.1 Flow chart of the complete innovation management framework
A framework for managing innovation is outlined in its entirety in Figure 3. In practice, iteration is likely between stages for clarification or as fuller information becomes available. Opportunities for concurrent processing should be considered, not least to reduce the time-to-market for new product introductions.
It is pos.sil)le to implement all the stages of this franwwork immediately. The stages apply equally to small and large organizations, though the former might be able to compress stages due to fewer ernployees simpler and flatter structures. The procedures a(lopted are similar except for differences in degree and scale.
Terms used in this framework (and elsewhere) are defined in Clause 3.
4.2 Planning beyond current horizons
Research revealed that there is very little that cannot be l)lanfled UI) to three product generations into the future. This span varies depending on the type of products, but might be ten or so years ahead. Many organizations in the United Kingdom and abroad already have processes in place for the management of their new products over that horizon. however they con.stitute a tiny proportion of the total.
This time span is not especially long. Most people would like to ensure the surnval of tiwir organizations as well as secure their employment for at least ten years into the future. This can only be achieved with a constant supply of well-designed products. Introductions and withdrawals need to be planned. Furthermore, new products need to be developed along an identified highway into the future. This sets the direction and terrain an organization will follow over a specified period as well as the milestones to be achieved in order to develop and launch those products to pLan (see Figure 4 and 5.7, 6.8.2 and 6.8.3).BS 7000-1-2008 pdf free download.

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