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BS 7000-2-2008 pdf free download

BS 7000-2-2008 pdf free download.Design management systems Part 2 : Guide to managing the design of manufactured products.
Consideration needs to be given to harnessing the skills and experience of suppliers, distributors and customers around the world. All these parties may legitimately be considered members of the organization’s design team whether or not collaborative initiatives and longer-tern) alliances are formed.
Resource plans should be prepared which specify the resources to be conunitted to design and design management issues. Particular attention should be given to the following questions.
a) Does the proposed project make appropriate use of in-house knowledge, skills and experience?
b) Will new technologies be bought in or subcontracted to design specialists and/or suppliers?
c) Will new equipment or design aids be developed specifically for the organization or could standard versions be used, perhaps with some minor customization?
d) Does the accommodation provide the necessary space and technical services (e.g. clean conditions and environmental control), to allow team members to operate effectively?
e) Are systems in place to enable the activity to progress smoothly from initiation through to completion? Are these systems adequately coordinated with the systems of other functionWdisciplines?
1) Arc the necessary ancillary resources and activities In other functions planned so that product design progresses smoothly without cross-functional difficulties, especially at the transitions between phaseWstages where responsibilities transfer from one function to another?
g) Is training provided to raise awareness of design and the design processes among staff, and enhance design management skills?
Where an organization seeks to sustain a close working relationship with customers and suppliers, consideration should be given to offering them the opportunity to join in such training, as those who train together often relate and work better together. Substantial benefits could derive from better undcrstanhng between the parties and a common Language, as well as a convergence of attitudes and approaches.BS 7000-2-2008 pdf free download.

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