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BS 7212-2006 pdf free download

BS 7212-2006 pdf free download.Code of practice for the safe use of construction hoists.
6.2 Organizational arrangements
The user organization, which is the body that procures the hoist for use on the site (see 3.28), has primary responsibility for the management of the erection, modification and dismantling, and for the thorough examination, operation and maintenance, of the hoist. The user organization could be the principal contractor on a construction site, the management on an industrial site, or a sub-contractor. It should be noted that persons not employed by the user organization may also be authorized to use the hoist.
A specialist hire company usually supplies the hoist. The safe erection, modification and dismantling of hoists requires input of specialist knowledge and experience froni the hoist supplier, together with the user organization’s detailed knowledge of the site and intended use of the hoist. Consequently, effective planning and co-ordination between the user organization and the hoist supplier is essential, both before and during the erection, modification and dismantling of the hoist, and for the period of operation and maintenance of the hoist.
The two pailies should each appoint, in writing, one person, the “appointe(l person (user)” and the appointed lwrson (supplier), respectively, who have the responsibilities defined in 3.2 and 3.1. It is recognized that the appointed person (user)” may need to draw iipoii the experience, expertise and knowledge of the appointed lwrsoI (supplier)” to assist them in the fulfilment of their responsibilities.
It is very important that regular effective liaison is maintained between the appointed person (supplier) and the appointed person (user) at all times. This is vital during the selection and planning of the hoist installation, when detailed site-specific information and preparation of the site will be required. Even in cases where the hoist Is hired through a third party (e.g. a scaffolder) It is still vital for this liaison to be maintained at all times.
The appointed persons may delegate tasks to other persons where considered appropriate, taking into account the ability, competence and authority of the person concerned. This does not, however, relieve the appointed persons of the responsibility for ensuring that these tasks are completed effectively.
Activities necessary to ensure a safe installation include the following:BS 7212-2006 pdf free download.

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