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BS 7273-4-2007 pdf free download

BS 7273-4-2007 pdf free download.Event stewarding and crowd safety-Code of practice.
NOTE 2 See also wwwflaweb.org.uk for the Football Licensing Authority’s (FM) advice and publication on control rooms.
8 Staffing
8.1 Selection and screening
8.1.1 Pre-employment enquiries should be carried out to ensure that competent staff are recruited.
A personal interview should be conducted to assess the following:
a) physical ability to carry out the services required;
b) aptitude and demeanour;
c) reading, writing and verbal communication skills.
Personal documentation (originals of birth certificate, driving licence, passport, service records, etc.) should be examined to establish authenticity and confirm identity and permanent address.
The service provider should inform individuals undergoing pre-employment enquiries that any documents presented to establish identity and proof of residence might be checked using an ultraviolet scanner or other method to deter identity theft and fraud. The service provider should also inform the individual that any identity documents that appear to be forgeries will be reported to the relevant authority.
NOTE 1 Recommendations on security screening of personnel employed in a security environment are given in BS 7858 (see Clause 4b)j.
NOTE 2 It is recommended that where the individual is employed in a position that does not require an SIA licence, the service provider obtains a police disclosure of convictions record check, for those working under the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) security systems policy, or disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau (CR8) or Disclosure Scotland.
NOTE 3 Attention is drawn to the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006(91.
8.1.2 Any person who is subject to work permit controls should be required to produce a valid work permit at the personal interview and a record of this should be retained.
8.1.3 Persons employed should not be under 18 years of age.
8.2 Terms of employment
All employees should receive a clear concise and unambiguous contract of employment giving conditions of service, which should include the following:
a) job title;
b) job description;
c) provisional period;
d) pay and allowances;
e) expected hours and days of work;
f) holiday pay and entitlement, if applicable;
g) sick pay and pension entitlement, if applicable;
h) procedures for the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences;
i) equipment and uniform to be supplied;
j) disciplinary and appeals procedures;
k) requirement to notify employer immediately of any arrest, notification of intention to prosecute, any Conviction or caution;
I) terms of noticeltermination of employment;
m) requirements to abide by the service provider’s or employer’s code of practice;
n) confidentiality policy.
8.3 Code of conduct
Employees should be instructed that the following (including the aiding and abetting of others) constitute a breach of the terms and conditions of employment:
a) failure to comply with the service provider’s policies, procedures and instructions;
b) neglecting to complete a required task at work promptly and diligently, without sufficient cause;
c) leaving a place of work without permission, or without sufficient cause;BS 8406-2009 pdf free download.BS 7273-4-2007 pdf free download

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