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BS 7786-2006 pdf free download

BS 7786-2006 pdf free download.Specification for unsintered PTFE tapes for general use.
4 Composition
4.1 The tape shall be manufactured from a suitable grade of coagLilated dispersion PTFE powder which conforms to the designation PTFE-E, PDMIN. 7.l.E.l1.4.1.2 asspevified in [IS FN ISO 1208(-1:2006. Filler, plasticizer, colour, reprocessed material, or additives other than processing lubricant shall not be added.
4.2 When determined in accordance with Annex A, the residual lubricant content shall not exceed 0.196 by mass.
NOTF; 1 ThÉs ensures that the tape is s-nibble for n.se in au o.rygenenriched en, ‘irrmnwnl.
NOTE 2 For appliculii.s i o1a’haj either high comeu(rulion.s or jnissurs (or both) of liquid or gaseous o.rqgen, eiiher dettmathm or sJ—iguUwn tests (or both) might aLso be required. If in iltinb ills essPni?a1 that 11w user cons-nIt the o.rygen s-upplierfi,r guidance on these potential Iteiza rds.
4.3 The conditions during manufacture shall be such that the tape remains in the unsintered state, as evidenced by the absence of a shift or change in peak height of the initial melting peak obtained by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) when compared witl the starting material. The melting endotherm temperature shall he between 340 °C and 350 °C when tested in accordance with A.STM 1)4591.
4.4 When used under the conditions for which they are designated. PTFE tapes in contact with, or likely to come into tontaet with, potable water shall conform to the requirements specified in [IS 6920-I.
NOTE Non-metallic prod ucts for ?nst(dlalon and use in the United
Kin gdo,n schick tire reriJieri and listed under the UK Waler Req idol ion.s
Ad.ásmj Scheme (WRAS) are deemed to sat is Lu the srquireinenls qf this
.cubelause. DetaiLs of the srhenu’ are ohtabrnhfrfrvnn the WRc-NSF
Evaluation awl Testing c’entre, Fern C’k,w, Pen—V—Fuss lsulusls*il Estate,
Oakdule. Gueni. NPII 3EH, telepluinv’ 01495 248454, fri.r 01495 249234.
In addition, jsroducts introduced in aceon*ince nih, Regulation 25 utf the Waler Supply (Waler Q,w1ity) Regukitions 1989 (1) ore considered free fsni. adverse health ffeets for the pu rpo.ses of (onforinitfi to this sithrlou.w. A list of ,cuhstances and products approved under Re.qula lion 25 can be obtained from the li/kr-NSF Esal nation a sad Testing Centre.BS 7786-2006 pdf free download.

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