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BS 8467-2006 pdf free download

BS 8467-2006 pdf free download.Protective clothing — Personal protective ensembles for use against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents – Categorization, performance requirements and test methods.
This category has been sub-divided to enable ensembles to be defined for use in a range of environments. Garments conforming to sub-category BI are intended for use in environments with high levels of vapour challenge, but a breathable level of oxygen. Garments conforming to category 112 are intended for use in environments with mainly liquid challenge and a breathable level of oxygen.
Typical application: Environ menis where exposure to pot entiaU1 high levels qf a known agent is likely. This would be primarily in the firm of indjrecf rrnta n 1ILUI son, for evam pie contamination on person net or e’quipment. Moderate-to—high levels qfphjsical activity might be anticipated. They are not expected to be proof
(5(jU ?flSt lU5flW1?(ffi.
Category C: An ensemble provi(hng protection against low levels of known CI3RN agents where airborne exposure is assessed to be not harmful by skin contact but might be harmful by ocular or respiratory exl)osure.
Typical application: Environments where exposure to iou’ levels qf known agent i’s likely but where the risk from capon r contact to the skin is (teemed acceptable. High levels qf rugged physical activity might be uniwipat ed such as (luring urixu. search and rescue.
Category I): An ensemble providing protection against a very low level of known CBRN agent in circumstances where personal contamination is unlikely.
Typical application: Environments involving t’ery lou risk qf physical su,face c’on.jamin4’it ion. Ensenthies will generally be used at Ia rqe usia nce from any agent release a nd/or some considerable time after any such release, such as for outer cordon control.
5 General ensemble requirements, excluding CBRN aspects
5.1 General
Ensembles shall fulfil the requirements of one or more of 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, or 5.5 when combined with the additional respiratory protective device(s) as specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.BS 8467-2006 pdf free download.

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