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BS 8470-2006 pdf free download

BS 8470-2006 pdf free download.Secure destruction of confidential materiall Code of practice.
4 Company premises
f.JOTE Attention is drown In (hi’ nbliqut ions iinpow’d upoit coulpo uies lnj the F)ulu Pro(ecl ion Act 1998 (1).
4.1 Facilities
The company should have an administrative office arnL’or operational centre where reeor(ts, professional and l)usiness documents. certificates, correspondence, files. etc., necessary for conducting business transactions should be kept.
The premises should be physically isolated from other business or activities on the same site.
4.2 Security
An approved intruder alann system conforming to PD 6662 and monitore(l by an approved alarm receiving centre conforming tO BS .5979 should be installed in the premises. As a minimum the system should cover the processing, storage and office areas, or premises should Lw guarded in aeeord.atwe with [IS 7499.
A CCTV system with recur(ling facilities should be installed to monitor
the unloading, storage and processing areas with the exception of
holding sites. The recorded images should be retained for a minimum of
31 days unless otherwise agreed with the client.
Authorized entry to operational areas by visitors should be subject to supervision by appropriately screened personnel. Unauthorized persons should be denied access to operational areas.
5 Contracts and audit trail
A written contract covering all transact ions should exist between the client and the company.
Where processing of personal data is carried out by a data processor on behalf of a data controller, the data controller should:
a) choose a data processor providing sufficient guarantees in respect of the technical and organizational security measures governing the processing to be carried out: and
b) take reasonable steps to ensure compliance with those measures. NOTE Attpnlitrn s drUu’fl to the ob1iJ(aU,fls i?flpOMd uI.Nm (OtHptl?ih’ by the Ikite, lot ction Act 1998 (1g.
6 Sub-contracting
Sub.contracted work should only 1w allocated to a company following the recommendations in this British Standard.
In every case the client should be informed that a sub-contractor is being used to securely destroy confidential material.
7 Security screening of personnel
All staff employed in the business of secure destruction of confidential material should be security screened in accor(Iance with [IS 7858.
Prior to employment all employees should sign a Deed of Confidentiality.
8 Collection of confidential material
Confidential material to be uulleted should be protected from unauthorized access from the point of collection to the completion of destruction.BS 8470-2006 pdf free download.

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