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BS 8473-2006 pdf free download

BS 8473-2006 pdf free download.Intruder and hold-up alarm systems Management of false alarms Code of practice.
For each alarm condition, the RMC should maintain accurate records of whether restore has been authorized and by whom. The record shoul(I identify by name or other suitable means the operator in attendance at. the supervised premises. In order that the RMC can continually satisfy this recommendation, the duty officer at the RMC (if not an ARC) should inform the ARC immediately of all restores authorized by the RMC.
10.7 RMC policy of denying restore
The RMC should deny restore if more than one policed alarm condition has occurred in the last 12 months.
The RMC may permit a restore if a genuine alarm, or genuine confirmed alarm, has occurred provided the RMC always advises the operator that insurance cover could be invalidated if a service technician’s visit does not take place and the l&HAS is subsequently found not to be in full
working order.
When the RMC denies a restore, the alarm company’s service technician should visit, the supervise(l premises for the purpose of identifying
the cause of the alarm condition, carrying out corrective
maintenance/action and ensuring that the I&l-IAS is in full working order and,
a) in the case of a false alarm due to operator error, educating the
operator in the operation of the I&HAS, and the avoidance of false alarms. See Annex D;
b’) if design faults are noted these are reported to the SPM (see 5.2) by (LW next working (lay.
10.8 Restoring of false alerts
If a false alert has occurred, restoring may be authorized in accordance with the eOn(ljtiofl.s set out in 1O.3h) when the following conditions are satisfied.
a) The operator has requested a restore via live voice communication (e.g. telephone conversation) with the duty officer at the RMC.
b) Operator agreement has been obtained and authorized by an
agreed security discipline (normally by suitable code words or numbers).
c) The description of the cause of the remotely notified alarm.BS 8473-2006 pdf free download.

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