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BS 8476-2007 pdf free download

BS 8476-2007 pdf free download.Code of practice for the safe use of concrete pumps.
4.5 Specific training and a.s.ses.sment should be carried out whenever an operator is transferred to a different machine.
4.6 Personnel undergoing training should be adequately supervised.
4.7 The concrete pump operator should always be able to show the owner or site management proof of training.
4.8 The appointed signaller and operator should be instructed on:
a) the use of the code of signals in Annex A;
b) the use of any communications device supplied; and
c) any special risks on the site, e.g. overhead obstructions.
5 Management of the concrete pumping
5.1 All concrete pumping pours should be planned to ensure that they are completed safely and that all foreseeable risks have been taken into account. Planning should be carried out by the concrete pour supervisor who has the appropriate experience and knowledge. In cases of repetitive concrete pours, this plamuiing might only be necessaxy in the first instance, with periodic reviews to ensure that no factors have changed.
5.2 The concrete pump owner should be able to supply a risk assessment to the hirer/(sub)contractor, detailing the generic risks in concrete pumping.
5.3 The risk assessment prepared by the concrete pump owner should include risks from working at heights. Wherever possible, the system of work adopted by the concrete pump owner should avoid the need for climbing on to the bed of the vehIcle or static pump (for example, for cleaning or maintenance). If access to the bed of the concrete pump is necessaiy, then adequate means to gain access should be provided with the concrete pump, unless the work is only (lone at the concrete pump owner’s depot where adequate means of access are always available. Where reasonably practicable, guard rails should be provided to prevent falls from height, Where these measures (10 not eliminate the risk of a fall, equipment should be provided to minimize the distance and consequences of a fall, for example, by providing fall protection PPE.BS 8476-2007 pdf free download.

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