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BS 8494-2007 pdf free download

BS 8494-2007 pdf free download.Electronic portable and transportable apparatus designed to detect and measure carbon dioxide in indoor ambient air — Requirements and test methods. The resistance to impact of the apparatus shall be tested in accordance with BS EN 60079-0:2004, 26.4.2, and be capable of withstanding a low impact resistance for Group II apparatus in accordance with BS EN 60079-0:2004, Table 8. If mechanical protection such as a carrying case is provided, this test shall be carried out with the apparatus assembled in the form in which it is intended to be used. Adjustments that might affect the performance of the apparatus shall be suitably protected against unauthorized changes, such as through the use of passwords, tamper-evident seals or special tools.
4.1.3 Power supplies For battery-powered apparatus, the batteries specified by the manufacturer shall have sufficient capacity to enable accurate readings of gas concentration and other measurement parameters, if provided, for at least 4 Ii of continuous usage. ‘When the battery capacity falLs below a preset level a visual warning shaLl be given, following which the apparatus shall operate to the performance specification for at least a further :30 nun. Apparatus provided with the means of connection to the mains supply shall conform to relevant British Standards.
NOTE This u,u is coer& by iarious slot utury regithz!ims.
4.1.4 Indicators Indicators shall be provide(l to show:
a) mea.sure(l parameter, values and units of measurement:
5) low battery warning for I)attery-powered apparatus;
c) for aspirated apparatus with an integrate(l (lOW indicator, a warning when a blockage occurs (see 6.3.13);
d) mode of operation or apparatus status (e.g. warm-up and uwasuirement); and
e) when values lie outside the indicating range. All values shall be indicated on a display with characters not less than 8 mm high, unless adequate provision is made for enhancing the legibility (e.g. backlighting), in which case the minimum character height shall be 4 mm.BS 8494-2007 pdf free download.

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