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BS 8495-2007 pdf free download

BS 8495-2007 pdf free download.Code of practice for digital CCTV recording systems for the purpose of image export to be used as evidence.
b) The facility should be provided for the export of images from selected eamera.s within user—defined time periods.
c) Simultaneous export and recording should be possible without affecting the performance of the system except on systems that require removal of the primary storage media for export purposes.
d) The export method of the DCRS should be appropriate to the capacity of the system and its expected use.
NOTE 1 If the e.port method is not app ropr Uc there is a risk that f the police require rid1t) ti’lftnt’e they iuujj iwt’tl to iy’n.ot ‘e the DCRS, for era mph’ if 1 tt’rahyfr of data is requsre(l ii i.s not practical to eiporl this via a C!) u’ritei
NOTE 2 A number of methods exist for eporting images in )ialive formalfr.ma a DCRS, fir era mph’:
a) images are copied to remoiable digital inertia such us a floppy disk, DAT IaJx’, flash card, CD-R or DVI).
b) the reinot ‘able ha rn disk, which holds 11w inuiges, is physically .rn,ovedrwn the DcRS.
c) isliages are e.portet1 via a pn1, such as USB, SCSI, SATA, Fi,y’I’Virr or ,wtuorking.
e) Documentation should be supplied to the user regarding both the retention period of the system and the approximate tunes to eXI)oIt each of 11w following.
1) Up to 15 minutes of recorded data iwr camera.
2) Up to 24 hours of recorded data per camera.
3) All of the data on the system.
1) The system should display an estimated time to complete the export of the requested data.
g) The software needed to replay the images should be included on the media used for export, otherwise viewing by authorized third parties can be hindered.
Ii) The system should not apply any format conversion or further compression to the exported images, as this can reduce the usefulness of the coflterit.
I) Any original metadata and/or authentication signatures should be exported with 11w images.BS 8495-2007 pdf free download.

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