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BS 8507-2-2009 pdf free download

BS 8507-2-2009 pdf free download.Code of practice for close protection services — Part 2: Services outside of the United Kingdom.
provider should ensure
by suitably qualified or competent person(s). If practicable, training should take place before change is implemented.
5.5.10 Training records
Evidence of training and qualifications should be recorded showing signatures of both trainer and trainee, and a copy of any certificate issued retained.
5.6 Documents and data
Separate records (hardcopy or electronic) should be maintained for each client, principal, employee and supplier.
The records should be held in a secure manner, but should be easily accessible to authorized persons.
Amended or updated records should be identifiable by date and clearly distinguishable from previous versions.
Information stored in an electronic retrieval system should be regularly backed-up. The back-up copies should be stored separately. NOTE 1 Further information on the management of electronic data can be found in 85 7799-1 and 85 7799-2. Advice on the storage of electronic media can be found in 855454.
NOTE 2 Attention is drawn to provisions and requirements of the Data Protection Act (21.
Archived records should be clearly indexed.
All records concerning a contract should be maintained for at least 12 months after termination of the contract. Such records should include:
a) all issues of risk assessments and operation instructions; b) incident reports including all weapon discharges;
c) details of persons employed on the operation;
d) briefings and debriefings.
An employee’s basic records (as detailed in BS 7858) should be kept for at least 7 years from the cessation of their employment.
NOTE 3 Minimum periods for retention of records can be reviewed if applicable for particular purposes, e.g. with regard to potential liabilities for civil action or tax implications.
6.1.1 Client information
Where requested by a potential client, the service provider should be prepared to provide the following minimum information:
a) the name, address(es) and telephone number(s) of the service provider;
b) details of trade association or professional body membership(s);
C) proof of compliance with industry standards, or details of certification by nationally recognized accreditation bodies, e.g. the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS);
d) legal entity (e.g. limited company, incorporated company, limited liability partnership, sole trader) and country of registration of the service provider;
e) the registered number, address and date of registration if the service provider is an incorporated company, or details of partners and an address for legal service of documents if it is a partnership or sole trader;
f) proof of insurance;
g) data protection notification if appropriate.
6.1.2 Contractual arrangements
A written quotation should be provided by the service provider. The quotation document should state:
a) the detailed and total costing for the service, and the arrangements for payment;
b) the contract period, along with procedures for termination of the contract;
c) extraction considerations;
d) any other contractual requirements made with the client;
e) terms and conditions.
The client should be asked to acknowledge acceptance of the quotation.
NOTE Due to the nature of the sector, where a service provision takes place at short notice a written contract might not always be available.BS 8507-2-2009 pdf free download.

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