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BS 8549-2006 pdf free download

BS 8549-2006 pdf free download.Security consultancy Code of practice.
for the use of suppliers of subcontract labour for undertaking the duties of a security con.suhant or technical expert.
5.5.2 Suppliers’ personnel
The consultancy should satisfy itself that those suppliers personnel who
have access to a customer’s site andJor confidential records:
a) nwet the reconuuen(lat ions for professional integrity in 4.1;
b) are successfully screened in accordance with 5.1;
c) are competent to undertake the work involved;
d) arc insured as reeomncnclcd in 4.4;
e) have indivdua1ly signed a confidentialdy agreement, relating to the disclosure of the customer’s and the consultancy’s confidential information andJor material;
f) agree to report immediately to the consult.ancy any contravention (both alleged and actual) of the law.
Evidence of the preceding items should Lw retained by the consultaxwy.
6 Consultancy service
6.1 Sale of services
6.1.1 Customer information
The consultancy should provide potential customers with basic information of name, a(ldress afl(l pnncipals of the consultancy.
NOTE This t;{!ormui’i(n. may take the form of a broehun’ or be made uiailubk’ on a u’ebsite.
If requested by a potential customer, the consultancy should supply the following additional information:
a) terms and conditions of trading:
b) the type and extent of insurance cover;
c) reference sources of work carned out by the consultancy;
d) annual accounts.
6.1.2 Scope of work
Prior to commencement of any security consultaney service, the consultancy should agree with the uustonwr the scope and extent of the work required. This should be clearly defined, show appropriate (Iehverables and be presented to the customer in documented form as part of the proposal.
The work should only be undertaken if, after consultation with the customer, it is the opinion of the consultancy and the security consultant(s) involved that:
a) there is sufficient and appropriate information about the scope of work;
b) the consultancy is competent to undertake the work.
6.1.3 Proposal
A (lear written proposal should be provided by the consultancy. If accepted by the customer, it should form part of the contract. The proposal document should include:
a) the terms and conditions under which the work would be carried out;
b) the total costing for the service, and the arrangements for payment;
c) the contract period;
d) reference to the scope of work:
e) the obligation of the customer to identify and consult with the consultancy on any specific health and safety requirements that apply, or are likely to apply, during the period of the contract;
1) any issues regar(Ilng intellectual IroIertY rights;
g) a statement including as a minimum the full name and previous relevant experience and qualifications of the security consultant(s) who may be involved in any proposed consultancy service and their relal i4 mship with the c msuliancy:
h) provision for changes in the scope of work that. result In delays in carrying out the work due to circumstances beyond the control of the consultancy.BS 8549-2006 pdf free download.

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