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BS 8560-2012 pdf free download

BS 8560-2012 pdf free download.Code of practice for the design of buildings incorporating safe work at height.
NOTE 1 The design team would benefit from the inclusion and input from the following at the appropriate stages: client; client’s facilities management (see Clause 9); principal contractor, architects, consulting and contractor engineers; CDM coordinator; relevant specialist suppliers/con tractors/consultants. Multiple roles can be provided by one (or more) person depending on the size, nature and complexity of the project.
NOTE 2 The COM coordinator and principal contractor are roles defined and set out in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (31.
Designers should have an understanding of the work methods required for construction, cleaning and maintenance, particularly if the work methods are complex or unusual.
Where there are parts of the design that could create significant risks during construction or future maintenance, they should be highlighted on the design (see Clause 4) by the design team for those who have to manage them.
Designers should be assisted by the CDM coordinator to facilitate this process if a CDM coordinator has been appointed for the project.
3.4 Concept design
The design team should develop a concept design that meets the design brief (see 3.2.2). This should start with initial proposals for the overall shape of the building, structural form, cladding and building services.
Based on these initial proposals the design team should identify construction, maintenance and access processes where work at height is required and manage these within the design process to avoid or minimize the risk. Where the design team does not have the competence to address these issues within the design process themselves, a specialist should be consulted.
To allow work at height to be carried out safely measures to mitigate and manage risk should be taken, which might include changes to the shape, form and materials to be used for the building and the envisaged provision of access equipment. The design team should prepare sketches and images that include potential work at height solutions, for approval by the client.
NOTE The following might have an impact on the way work at height is carried out and could lead to refinement of the basic shape and form:
a) the height and form of the building or structure, including elevations atria, roofs, etc.;
b) the “footprinr and the shape(s) of the plan and surroundings of the building or structure;
c) the ratio of glazing to general cladding:BS 8560-2012 pdf free download.

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