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BS 8587-2012 pdf free download

BS 8587-2012 pdf free download.Guide to facility information management.
for designing, developing and implementing information management systems so that changes can be tested and their likely impact determined before they are applied. Account should be taken of formal policies and procedures, where they exist, in regard to the use of IT-based systems. The organization should identify those functions or activities that are subject to statutory or other regulatory oversight.
NOTE 2 Attention is drawn to 85 10008.
4.1.2 Information management strategy
The organization should prepare an information management strategy for its facility-related needs and keep it up-to-date. The strategy should set out in broad terms the organization’s requirements for collecting, maintaining, updating, communicating and controlling information and data. Sources of information and data, processes, functions or activities and the levels of authority associated with each for the purpose of access should be recorded. Consideration should be given to the use of a manual of authorities to define levels of authority, approvals and access to information and data. Interfaces between the organization and external bodies should be agreed in terms of the information flows between the respective parties. The information management strategy should avoid specifying the detailed content of functions or activities and information flows. Where IT-based systems are currently used or are expected to be used to support facility information management, arrangements should be documented. Roles and responsibilities should be outlined with regard to the levels of authority assigned to them (see 4.1.7).
The information management strategy should be based on the principle of inclusiveness and the needs of existing and anticipated future occupants and other users should be taken into account, particularly those of disabled people. Where considered necessary, the need for training of personnel should be set out in the information management strategy and detailed in the policy (see 4.1.3) and procedure (see 4.1.4) derived from it.
NOTE I Attention is drawn to The Equality Act 2010 (11, BS 8878 and the need to implement IT-based systems and equipment that are accessible by all persons, particularly disabled people and those with differing levels of IT literacy.
Account should be taken of the different modes and formats of communication and information required to support the inclusive use of the facility and any training of personnel that might be necessary to assist disabled people.
NOTE 2 A variety of modes and formats exist for communication and in formation and these include British Sign Language, Makaton, 1) lip reading, captioning, signage. audio description, Braille, tactile wayfinding, technically-assisted wayfinding, induction loops and infrared communication.BS 8587-2012 pdf free download.

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