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BS 8597-2015 pdf free download

BS 8597-2015 pdf free download.Steels for the reinforcement of concrete — Reinforcement couplers — Requirements and test methods.
4.5 Properties under high cycle fatigue loading in the elastic range
When tested in accordance with 5.5, the high cycle elastic fatigue performance shall meet the specified requirement(s).
Where the specification of the requirement(s) for performance under high cycle fatigue is by means of a specified minimum number of cycles to be sustained under specified fatigue loading conditions, testing shall be carried out in accordance with 5.5.
When tested in this way, the following acceptance criteria shall be applied.
• If all test samples resist the fatigue loading, the test is passed.
• If one test sample fails the test, five additional samples of the same type and diameter as those that have failed shall be tested. If all five additional test samples pass, the test is passed.
• If two or more test samples fail the fatigue test, the test is failed.
NOTE Annex B gives the specified fatigue test requirements for highway structures on UK motorways and trunk roads, and for use of couplers in designs in accordance with BS EN 1992-1-1. Other fatigue performance requirements can be agreed between the client and the manufacturer.
Alternatively, the performance of a mechanical splice under high cycle stresses of different amplitudes can be characterized by an S-N diagram; if an S-N diagram is determined, the provisions in 5.5.4 shall be applied. Where this option is selected, the decision on the suitability of the splice under high cycle elastic fatigue loading shall be agreed between the client and the manufacturer for each contract.
4.6 Identification and marking
Each coupler shall be legibly and durably marked (e.g. hard stamped) with the manufacturer’s identification, the coupler type, the nominal bar size for which it is intended and a batch mark for traceability purposes. Each coupler shall be traceable back to its production data.
4.7 Installation instructions
The manufacturer shall provide clear. written installation instructions. The described processing of the couplers shall be achievable under construction site conditions.BS 8597-2015 pdf free download.

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