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BS 8607-2014 pdf free download

BS 8607-2014 pdf free download.Mechanically operated push-button locksets Requirements and test methods.
Test for next closest combination
Prior to and after the durability test, it shall not be able to operate the lockset using an incorrect code. This shall be verified by entering not fewer than five incorrect codes, which shall include:
• the correct code with the exception of one digit being entered;
• the correct code with the exception of one digit being one number different from the correct code.
General vulnerability assessment
Principles of assessment
The assessment is to be undertaken by a panel of three expert assessors qualified in accordance with Annex D. Each expert shall undertake an individual assessment and report back independently. In order for conformity to this British Standard to be claimed, the test samples assessed by all three experts shall satisfactorily withstand the test. Where a suitable test key cannot be manufactured due to the design of the product, each expert shall confirm that the product is not vulnerable to attack by a key as described in this annex. The test is intended to assess the general vulnerability of a lockset to an attack using knowledge, skill and professional ability. It is not intended to assess the lockset’s ability to resist attack involving significant force or by the use of tools only available to locksmiths.
Where an individual lockset has more than one locking mechanism, all mechanisms accessible and operable from the outside face of the door shall be subject to assessment.
Submission of samples
A total of six complete locksets shall be submitted. These shall be representative of normal production. Two samples shall be supplied to each assessor, one for examination and one for assessment purposes. Where a range of products is assessed, the panel shall agree with the manufacturer which samples are required for assessment, and the decision shall be based on the examination of detailed drawings, specimens and discussions with the interested parties. If, during the assessment process, an assessor identifies a particular vulnerability and believes that further tests are required, a maximum of two further samples shall be requested.BS 8607-2014 pdf free download.

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