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BS 8608-2014 pdf free download

BS 8608-2014 pdf free download.Specification for radio telemetry systems for use with respiratory protective devices used by emergency first responders.
5 Signals and acknowledgement
The telemetry system shall be capable of the following:
a) receipt and acknowledgment of distress signals from related portable units;
b) team and individual emergency evacuation of BA with acknowledgement;
c) BA wearer withdrawal with acknowledgement;
d) transmission of a distress alarm signal (manual and/or automatic) from the portable telemetry unit to the base unit that the BA wearer is logged onto, indicating if they withdraw from an incident for reasons of personal safety; and
e) transmission of a confirmation signal to the initiating portable unit in response to a distress alarm signal being received and acknowledged by the entry control boardfbase unit.
In the event of a total evacuation, the system shall transmit a telemetry signal from the base unit to all logged on portable telemetry radio units. This telemetry signal shall trigger an audible alarm that is capable of being heard by the BA wearers. The audible alarm shall be clearly identifiable or analogous to the standard evacuation signal (e.g. the Acme Thunderer whistle I)).
In the event of partial or individual BA wearer evacuation, the system shall transmit a telemetry signal from a base unit to selected logged on portable telemetry radio units and cause an audible alarm.
Distress alarm signals, BA wearer evacuation and withdrawal requests shall be indicated at their respective destinations within 5 s of initiation. In the event of communication failure, the portable/base unit shall repeat the original request at randomised intervals until it is successful.
6 Identification
Portable telemetry units shall have unique electronic identities that enable them to be individually logged on to a base unit at an incident.
7 Data recording
7.1 General
Telemetry systems shall be capable of recording data and this data shall be downloadable.BS 8608-2014 pdf free download.

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